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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Hot naked rowers from Warwick University in England: Please support their really worthwhile charity appeal!

For the last four years members of the Warwick University team in England have been doing the decent thing. That means gittin' naked!

Hot boys from Englandland without clothes on? You betcha! Now they have just announced their latest 2014 calendar which will go on sale soon.

And not only that! One of their reasons for selling their nekkid pictures is to raise money for a new sports-based campaign to combat bullying and prejudice, particularly when it comes to homophobia.

So in effect these guys are getting naked to support the gays. The very least we can do is support them y'all!

Before we show you the photos, will you please follow the links to purchase some of their back catalog or donate, to help their charitable causes? There's even a video of naked boys in something called "Brokeback Boathouse"!

Visit the Warwick University Naked Rowers calendar site here. And enjoy...

Warwick University Naked Rowing Team
Um. Those shorts must come off! That's better...

Naked rowing Warwick University

Second from right below. We spotted him first!

Charity calendar naked sportsmen in England

Naked sportsmen raise money for charity

Check out the naked rowers on Facebook here.
You can also follow them on Twitter here.


Londontog said...

People might want to know that the rowers are offering amazing rewards through their Crowdfunder scheme, including steamy bonus footage, signed calendars and opportunities to meet them in person (naked, too!). The campaign has less than two weeks left to run, so hurry; http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/warwick-rowing-naked-calendar/

Chang said...