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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Random Hot Guys in red Speedos special edition: Enough photo of hot muscle guys to last you an entire season

Over the last few days we have been posting photos of hot guys in bright red swimming costumes. It was funny the first time. The second time the novelty began to wore off (pity the Speedo didn't fall of but whatever)...

Anyway. Posting photos of hot guys in red Speedos for a third time would be so boring, you'd fall off your chair asleep. Er, sorry...

Hot guy in red Speedo on the beachGroup of hot guys in their red Speedos
Daniel Erthal red SpeedoGroup of hot guys in their red Speedos
Hot guy in red Speedo on the beachGroup of hot guys in their red Speedos
Members of the swimming team from Stanford UniversityGroup of hot guys in their red Speedos
Hot guy in a red Speedo on the beachLifesaver on a beach in a red swimming costume
Hot guy in red Speedo on the beach

Of course at Random Hot Guys we give credit where it's due and the following photos we've managed to identify...

Top row left: Don't know, Right: the perfect BBQ!
Second row left: A model and actor from Brazil called Daniel Erthal, Right: Dunno. Does anyone?
Second row left: What we had for breakfast. Just kidding... Right: That guy Daniel Erthal again
Second row left: Members of the swimming team from Stanford University (quiet one, second left is ours...)
Second row right: Some guy doing the hokey-cocky with his left foot in?
Second row left: Don't know? Right: Dunno, but if you do, get him to call us!
Bottom row: This photo was taken in Sao Paulo and features the following models; Veiga Diego, Lukas Rodriguez, Marlon Santana and Peter Petry. If you can work out which one's which, you're welcome to them...

So that's enough guys in red Speedos to last you a lifetime! Until tomorrow that is...

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Second Row on the right is Justin Clynes:

He should definitely become a regular feature!