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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Paddy O'Brian on Random Hot Guys: Exclusive photos from the Play>Time evening hosted by Jay Roberts at Lo Profile bar on Wardour Street, London

In London (which is the centre of the universe right now) there is a club night every Friday at a bar called Lo-Profile on Wardour Street.

Sometimes, of an evening, they have a performer on stage. Paddy O'Brian was one-such performer. And Random Hot Guys was there to see him.

Enjoy the photos...

Porn star Paddy O'Brian

The weekly club evening is called Play>Time and is hosted by one London's man-about-town, Jay Roberts.

Of course you may recognise Paddy O'Brian from some of the films he's been in, such as "Ripped and Stripped", "Summer Lust" and ... etc.

Paddy O'Brian at Lo-Profile bar in Soho, London

Porn model Paddy O'Brian

Paddy O'Brian

Falcon video star and UkNakedMen performer Paddy O'Brian

Performer Paddy O'Brian

Of course part of Paddy's routine at Play>Time involved more than just a flag (or less than a flag actually...)

If you would like to see more adult photos from the evening you can do so here - but please be warned that QueerMeNow is an adult website.

Click on the photo below to see more er, revealing photos... (Adults only)

Performer Paddy O'Brian

A few weeks ago Random Hot Guys was outside Lo-Profile bar on Wardour and spotted three blokes standing in a large, hot-looking perspex box human vending machine. You can see those photos here.

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