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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Birmingham Gay Pride 2012: Photos and pictures from the UK's largest LGBT two-day festival, exclusive to Random Hot Guys

Once again we were on the phone to our bureau in England. "Get us the hot guys at the annual gay pride parade in Birmingham", we hollered!

And as if by magic - Random Hot Guys was in there like swimwear. The traditional British weather (read: a bit rainy) meant we weren't treated to the usual high number of guys in their pants but a great day out was still had by all!

So let's kick things off and hello the package in purple...

Muscle guys in gay pride

Models with sixpacks

Photos from 2012 Birmingham Gay Pride

Birmingham Gay Pride 2012 photos

Well. No socks indeed...

Birmingham Gay Pride parade pictures 2012

Nice chest.

Birmingham Blaze FC

These guys are from the Birmingham Blaze football (or soccer) club. Visit their website here.

Birmingham Blaze FC soccer team

OK, so on the left. Kinda honorary random hot guy gurl!

Birmingham Blaze FC

Oooh - good legs, second from right...

Birmingham Bulls gay ruby team

These guys are from the Birmingham Bulls RFC - an inclusive rugby club. Here's their website.

Birmingham Bulls gay rugby players

Check out the guys doing free running or parkour - no safety nets allowed!

Birmingham Pride is a weekend long LGBT festival held in the Gay Village on Hurst Street, Birmingham - Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd June 2012.

Wow. These guys really do appear totally unsupported.

Birmingham Pride 2012 - The UK's largest LGBT 2 Day Festival

Atta girl! (Can you imagine if the pink cream was tan lotion and not make-up!)

Well hello again!... (call us)

Photo of participant in Birmingham Gay Pride parade

And this is becoming a tradition here at Random Hot Guys - our dud stud. A photo of a totally cute guy that didn't quite come out as planned but it would be a shame to let it sit in our shoebox of memories...

Find out more about Birmingham Pride on their website. We hope to see you at Birmingham Pride next year.

Remember kids, Random Hot Guys like gay pride is all about openness, tolerance, love, understanding and fun. Just cos you're photographed at gay pride doesn't make you gay. No-one's sexuality is assumed or implied. One love.

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