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Monday, 14 May 2012

Scenes from South Beach in Miami: Photos of all the hot guys on the beach soaking up the sun and the warm waters of the Atlantic

If you didn't manage to make it onto South Beach to top up on your tan, here's what you missed...

Blonde guy in a Speedo on Miami Beach

Yes, again we strolled onto South Beach with our papi-razzi cam (it's a paparazzi camera to spot papis) to see what we could find for you! Please do think of us as some kind of noble public service, a bit like NPR but with hot guys in Speedos.

Anyway, heading to Miami Beach to find his spot...

Blonde guy with white sunglasses walking on South Beach in Miami

Group of guys on South Beach, Miami

Here's another guy looking for a good patch on South Beach. And looking at us too baby! Yeah, it's hot...

We're reminded of the RuPaul song Glamazon; "sashay, chantay, panther on the runway". This guy is wurking it!

Guy with sixpack

To pass the time you could play with your balls and a bat and a ball. And this guy is serving up a treat...

Man with hairy chest playing ball in Miami

...with good legs as well!

Man with a hairy chest playing ball in Miami

Meanwhile, in the ocean nearby - it's like walking into a mirror. (It appears somebody needs the cooling waters of the Atlantic to erm, calm things down a little, shall we say...)

Two guys in white swimming costumes on Miami Beach

Guy in red shorts with sixpack on Miami Beach

Jeez Louise... that is a very tight thong... (Clearly to the left)

Man in tight thong on Miami Beach

And swing around to the other side? Still very tight and OK, it's not a thong. Although one fart and it could be!

Man in a very tight swimming costume

Ripped guy with shoulder tattoo in South Beach, Miami

And incase you're wondering what's beneath the water line, be ignorant no longer...

Man in orange swimming costume

And oy, over here - look at us..! (He wouldn't look even though we wanted to be nice and warn him of his badly developing leg tan lines.)

Guy tanning on South Beach

Now it's time to say good-bye to South Beach and look for a post-suntan cocktail perhaps?

Two guys walking on South Beach in Miami

And as if by magic, it's the bars on Ocean Drive! (Hot guy alert, stage right...)

Photo of Ocean Drive in South Beach, Miami

More Random Hot Guys coming soon from Ocean Drive in Miami. We hope you enjoyed your (virtual) day at the beach.

As always, our photos are 100% original. All right reserved. We do it for you cos we love it. And remember Annie, you're never fully dressed without a smile.


Anonymous said...

The first guy in the white glasses is Kyle from Sean Cody.

Random Hot Guys said...

How hilarious! Well obviously we're going to have to haul out the shoebox of photos to see which other photos we have of Kyle. Watch this space!