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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Hot muscle guys in Miami Beach: Photos of the men strolling up and down Ocean Drive

Meanwhile, down on Ocean Drive and on the walkway on Miami Beach - here's what you probably might have missed...

Oh yes - we've been out with our special papi-razzi camera to catch the hotties strolling up and down Ocean Drive in Miami.

One slight tug at those shorts and then we really would have something to show you!

Lactose-free Starbucks, shopping and good pectoral development. All the boxes are ticked! (Good shoulders on the right too...)

"Sa-shay, shantay, panther on the runway!..."

This must be a very one-sided conversation. I mean, would you wanna talk to someone who appears to be wearing noise-dampening headphones?

Don't look at us like that! Yes we are both looking at you and taking your photo. Is it that obvious?

Run baby, run for mama!

And yes, this isn't the first time (or the last time) that we have staked out Ocean Drive in Miami. You can see more photos from the road here.

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