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Monday, 30 April 2012

Colin Gentry: Exclusive pictures of the London-based model and personal trainer on Random Hot Guys

Personal trainer Colin Gentry

Please meet Colin Gentry. Colin is a personal trainer and model from London, England.

When we heard about Colin we immediately dispatched our photographer on the first plane to hunt him down and grab these picture of him. We hope you agree - he looks sensational!

British model and personal trainer Colin GentryColin Gentry

Colin Gentry is a personal trainer in London

Model Colin Gentry

We're told Colin is a familiar face around London - his good looks have already graced the pages of some high profile magazines in the UK. Naturally the next step would be an appearance on Random Hot Guys!

Model Colin Gentry appears on Random Hot Guys

According to his website here, Colin keeps fit by playing waterpolo, boxing and yoga. He says he enjoys listening to music and is writing his first novel. Brains and good looks! Atta girl...

Colin Gentry is a model and PT in London

Colin Gentry

Colin GentryPictures of Colin Gentry

If you're on Twitter you can follow Colin here or visit his website here.

Exclusive photos of Colin Gentry

Perhaps sometime soon Colin may be persuaded to come back to Random Hot Guys and bring along his tightie whiteys (that's England-speak for Calvin Kleins...) So watch this space! Until then - all together now - thank you Colin!

Follow Colin on Twitter here.

The end of Colin Gentry on Random Hot Guys

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1 comment:

scotrock said...

If you do get him back, how about trying for a smile? There's nowt the barest hint of one in two of the pics.