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Friday, 23 September 2011

Muscle boys, jocks and frats come to Miami Beach on a Friday afternoon to hang, throw ball and say the word bro a lot: All the exclusive pictures on Random Hot Guys

It's a Friday afternoon which means in Miami all the hot bros, jocks and college boys head to the beach to throw ball, hang and stuff.

Naturally we at Random Hot Guys are in there like swimwear - so, with it being the end of the week, we bring you scenes from Miami Beach with the frat boys, muscle kids and Todd. (We're not actually sure anyone's called Todd, we made it up but it's obvious who Todd could be. And Carter.)

"You think you found a spot bro?"
"Yeah bro"
"Not near douches bro"

"Jeez, could do with a beer. Bros are in the ocean for a long time. That's total gay."

"Shit bro, wondering what the fuck? Bro you in the sea all this time bro?"
"Yeah bro, motherfucker shit is cold bro, shit. Bro."

"Went to go and find beer, bro."
"You ain't allowed it on the beach bro."
"Fucking douche police bro."

"That's OK bro cos we hanging bro."

"Wanna play ball bro?"
"Shit Todd, cool man."

"21, 24, centre, back!"

"Bro, this is all cool and shit bro but it's a bit boring"

"Shit bro, I hear you. You wanna blow this place?"
"Sure bro"

"Bro, I think there's some guy over there taking my photo bro?"
"Don't be a dick bro. Who would do such a fucked up thing?"
"You're right bro, let's go..."


The guys in this photos are probably not bros at all - this blog is purely for entertainment. This blog post is a parody, not to be taken seriously. All photos are original to Random Hot Guys, hot from the beaches of Miami. Thanks for visiting!

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