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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Manchester Gay Pride 2011: All the photos and pictures of random hot guys, hunks in trunks and a man with a very muscular back

The last major gay pride parade in Britain is always Manchester Pride, held on the last weekend in August.

Yep, August in Britain usually means one thing: rain. This year was no exception. When the crew at Random Hot Guys arrived at Manchester train station the rain was torrential.

The parade was supposed to start at 1pm and even at midday it was still pouring. But then remarkable thing happened.

About 20 minutes before the start, the heavens parted and glorious sunshine bathed Manchester city centre in a golden glow.

The sun had come out and so did the boys (and others, obviously).

If you want pictures of drag queens and charity workers handing out worthy leaflets, you've come to the wrong place. Random hot guys? Hell yeah! Let's get stuck in. Into that...

Is this the most defined, muscular back you have ever seen?

We're slightly mesmerised...

A note about the following photos cos this is where Random Hot Guys gets (a little) political.

A major UK retailer paid for these models in their underwear to strut through Manchester as an advertising gimmick. They probably care as much about gay rights as car tyre. We think it's a little patronising.

We post their photos because they are literally Random Hot Guys at Manchester Pride, but to take a stand, we have used Photoshop to remove the logo of the retailer from the photos.

End of advertising gimmick. Our thoughts exactly...

Imagine if every random hot guy did this when we pointed our camera at them. The world would be a far better place...

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