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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Latest Curbwear underwear campaign photos shows a semi-naked model on a London Underground Tube train

Well this is a little awkward.

Here at Random Hot Guys we get sent various photos of male underwear ad campaigns which usually contain hot guys.

We're going to be completely honest and say that many of the photos pass us by. Honey, one photo of a guy in tight white briefs goes a long way. However.

On this occasion the RHG office stopped when Jack, our hot British intern with floppy hair from London, let out a scream!

Curb Underwear (their website is here) have released photos of their latest ad campaign and their model in question is falling around in his underwear on a London Tube train!

To be more precise, a northbound Jubilee Line Tube train, according to Jack. To help you negotiate we have provided a map...

(Floppy-haired Jack has assisted by marking out the sunway line in question with his pink marker pen.)

London Underground Tube map to show hot guy

And here are the photos!

Photo first row, right is taken at St John's Wood station marked with the bottom arrow on our map. Then third row, left, is taken at Willesden Green station, marked with the top arrow!

Curb underwear advert campaign on Jubilee Line trainCurbwear ad campaign
Curbwear underwearCurbwear underwear photos on London subway
Curbwear advertsCurbwear photos of guy on London Tube train

How come when we go to London we don't see hot guys like that on the subway? What the fuck!?

All we get is a drunk man throwing empty tins of beer around and playing "God Save The Queen" on his banjo. If anyone else is in London or any other city and spots any hot guys on the subway, send them to us goddamit!

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Random Hot Ad Campaign: British model Adam Fletcher, Bruno Rodriguez and Dmitry for Addicted Underwear

Sometimes the oldies are the goodies, such as the underwear advertising campaign for Addicted featuring the model Adam Fletcher.

(Whenever we say the word 'addicted' we can't help sing the line from Madonna's song in our head, "I'm addicted to your looove...")

Anyway. Now who the hell is Adam Fletcher I hear you hollering? Seriously. Crawl out from under your rock! It is he...

British physique model Adam Fletcher

Yeah, now suddenly y'all are sitting up and interested!

Anyway, Adam is a British model and was recently the star of an ad campaign for Addicted underwear with two guys hot patooties; Bruno Rodriguez and Dmitry.

We thought, on our quest to bring you Random Hot Guys, we would have a recap on the fabulous photos...! (Our Adam is the square-jawed one in the middle, below.)

Addicted Underwear campaign

Even though the photos are from the companies' ad campaign last year, you will forgive us for reposting them.

Adam Fletcher for Addicted underwear

We were trying to guess where the photos were taken because we know y'all were also looking at the furnishing and location thinking, "hell, that would make a gorgeous holiday home!" We can't work out where they were taken either.

Is a bitch gonna share her lounger...?! There looks room enough for two. And yes, go and stalk Adam on Facebook. His fan page is here.

Addicted Underwear campaign

And one last one, not of Adam but we love the tattoo. The hair not so much. Obviously we'd nookie that thing to a frizz!

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Help us identify the Random Hot Guy with the tattoo emblazoned across his abs, spotted in South Beach, Miami

As you know, here at Random Hot Guys we feature a lot of attractive guys and much of the time, we don't have a clue who they actually are.

Many times you've written to us saying "I know so-and-so..." and sometimes we've even unwittingly featured a minor celebrity without knowing it!

For example, here's the Abercrombie & Fitch model Alex Cheesman...

Model Alex Cheesman

And even the world-famous male supermodel, Carlos Freire in Miami...

Carlos Freire male model

Now have we another one for you eagle-eyed spotters!

Some time back in South Beach in Miami we spotted the hottie with the abdominal tattoo and everyone fell around in awe at how hot our random guy was. Need reminding? (The one on the left...)

Hot guy Miami Beach

Now we've been sent the following image, from a gay pride parade in Rome....

So the question is, who is the guy? We spotted him in Miami and someone else in Rome.

Anyone know who our tattoo'd hunk is? Let's turn the world upside down until we find him, so we can all share some more fabulous photos of the hottie! Anyone know? Do share by leaving a comment below.

And who knows, maybe we'll be seeing more of him on Random Hot Guys soon!